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Minimizing the damage is crucial when fire is involved. There could be preventable smoke damage if taken care of quickly. Assessing and documenting the damage is key to ensure you get the best outcome from your insurance company. We will thoroughly assess and document what needs to be repaired. Our professionals will work diligently and leave no part of your home or business unturned.


Acting fast when water damage is involved is extremely important. We want to minimize the damage as much as possible. Preventing further issues such as mold, mildew, electrical, structural or chemical is important. Once mold and mildew is involved it becomes even more invasive and dangerous due to the spread of bacteria and germs.

mold issues

Mold can be extremely dangerous and progressively get worse if it is not taken care of immediately. Black mold can grow and cause many health issues for both your family and your pets. Mold untreated overtime can cause respiratory health problems. Our professionals will assess and document all the necessary information while keeping in mind possible long term problems that could arise if something is not repaired.

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Our strive for transparency

During this process we want to be sure you are informed in every possible way. Just like family we want you to know all your options and possible routes you can take.

We encourage you to ask questions in order to better our services for you. Here at MAKO Restorations, we strive to be your ally and source of knowledge during this process. Our goal at the end of the day is for our customers to feel taken care of and confident that their informed choices achieved the optimum results.

Our work will always adhere to both the insurance and construction industry standards. We pride ourselves in our integrity and we wholeheartedly believe that doing the right thing when no one is watching speaks volumes.


our values

At MAKO Restoration, our first priority is the safety of all of our customers.

We understand how devastating a flooded home or business can be for someone. Our expert team is committed in protecting both you and your property. We know restoration is time sensitive, which is why we will handle everything in a timely manner. 

Our commitment to every client is that you will be taken care of as if you were family. No matter the time, our water and mold damage professionals will respond to every call within minutes. By doing so, we are able to dispatch our workers and take immediate action to minimize the damage. We are proudly locally owned, licensed, bonded, and insured right here in Acadiana.