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MAKO Restoration disaster cleanup is here to respond.

We have high overall satisfaction with restoring any property damage by a major hurricane, tornado, hail, or wind event. Most debris left from structures and scattered construction materials is from wind damage. Your safety is our top priority. Our job is to clean this debris so you can safely enter your house or business.

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Involved in a Hurricane? Need Immediate Disaster Cleanup?

MAKO Restoration provides prompt response and recovery to your property through effective post-disaster planning.

About natural disasters in louisiana

Located in one of the most flood-prone areas in the nation. Water damage is a prime factor for mold growth. Mold begins to grow if your home experienced flooding or moisture retention of any kind. It can thrive and keep growing for weeks, months, and even years before it is ultimately detected. It can cause you, your family, or your employees some severe health risks.

It’s crucial to clean and eliminate any standing water as quickly as possible if your property, business, or home has experienced flooding of any kind. To further reduce and prevent mold outbreak, it is imperative to have it professionally resolved.

disaster cleanup and restoration process

The MAKO technicians will come out and do a thorough assessment of the damage, examine, and evaluate the property. Once we provide the proper evaluation, one of our water, fire, or mold specialists will propose the next step and create a remediation strategy.

Upon our assessment and depending on the scope of the damage. Depending on water damage repair, mold remediation, or fire damage. We remove any affected materials that’s not safe to salvage such as drywall, flooring, and other structures. Once the clear the property from any possible health issues, that’s when the reconstruction can begin.

After reconstruction, our team will deep clean,
sanitize, deodorize and thoroughly dry the

We’ll have specialists provided for you to provide further testing to make sure our long-term mold remediation strategy is optimal to prevent any possible future growth or regrowth. 

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The More You Know

On Call 24/7 Disaster Cleanup

Hurricanes wreak havoc on our properties, create uncertainty and, most of all affects us and our friends and family. We are all too familiar with disasters like these.

Especially with Hurricane Laura, in which we’ve scrambled and helped the community out.

What will I pay for Disaster Repair in Louisiana?

With fire damage, you will find that there’s a film of soot left behind. The MAKO team will remove any residue that’s left on the walls, floors, ceilings as well as any other items that’s salvageable.

What about the Strong Odor that's Left Behind?

Your home air quality’s compromised from the fire damage. And the Environmental Protection Agency and the American Lung Association had verified the harmful effects of these particles that’s found in the air.

We use Air Scrubbers to remove these pernicious particles from the air by diverting them into multiple filters. It also removes the strong odor from the fire damage that’s left behind.

What will I pay for Disaster Repair in Louisiana?

We can’t estimate each particular job as every job is different.
For Example:
1. surface-level vs deeply ingrained
2. size and extension of infestation and fire damage.
3. whether the job is mold treatment vs remediation (which involves more extensive work and time) as well as fire damage repair

These three factors explain the potential for spores to spread and infect other areas of the premise or if there is toxic mold on-site. A severe infestation needs more advanced techniques and technologies (negative air machine, hazardous materials disposal, etc…), increasing the cost.

Potential complications are endless if mold is not treated promptly and adequately. This is why professionals are necessary.

Our professionals will make sure

  • The Mold Is Properly Removed And Disposed. Damaged Areas Will Restore To Pre-damaged Level.

  • Before Any Mold Cleanup Attempts, We Start With A Thorough Mold Inspection To Identify The Trouble Areas. And Scrubbing Of The Air From Fire Damage Is Necessary, Before Reconstruction Begins For A Safe Recovery.

  • We Only Work With Professionals That Understand The Local Area And Are Experts In Disaster Cleanup Jobs In Louisiana.

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