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MAKO Restoration is pleased to announce that it is now serving the Baton Rouge Community for Water Damage Restoration. Unfortunately, the Baton Rouge community is all too familiar with the immense damage water can do to homes and businesses. This reason makes it so important for businesses and homeowners to not hesitate to get expert help when disaster strikes.

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All water and mold experts agree that fast prompt response is imperative to prevent permanent damage and the growth of toxic mold. MAKO Restoration is on call all day every day in the event of a water emergency. We will be out within 24 hours. Do not hesitate to contact us at any moment so we can prevent further damage!

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The Importance of Dealing with Water Damage in Baton Rouge

That’s why you need a water damage contractor who will get on the scene quickly, assess the extent of the water damage, and begin with the crucial first step: removal of as much water as possible. Water extraction may include removing wet building materials such as carpeting or floor boards; sheet rock (the material used to cover walls); insulation pulled from ceilings in order for them to dry out properly.
Water damage doesn’t always look the same on your walls. That’s why you need a water restoration company that uses moisture meters to take readings in all affected areas throughout the drying process, and even hidden ones like wall cavities or behind cabinets! Moisture is removed by drying equipment using high efficiency dehumidifiers and commercial air movers.

What is Water Damage and what are the most common causes of Water Damage?

Simply, water damage is water that damages the interior of your home or business. There are many causes of water damage but the most common originate from leaking and burst pipes, backed up pipes and sewer lines, leaking air conditioners, leaking water heaters, and lastly storm damage.

Broken pipes can be one of the leading causes of water destruction in homes. Nearly every homeowner will experience a pipe burst or leak at some point. Sewage and sink pipes are almost always located somewhere, whether it is in your basement, an interior wall or exterior walls; underground or ceilings. Regardless of where you find them, fixing broken pipes quickly is crucial so that they don’t cause any more damage like adding moisture which could make way for mildew and mold growth on surfaces such as drywall.

Broken or damaged pipes can go unnoticed for days, weeks, and sometimes months before you notice the signs of leaking.

A clogged drain is a common problem, and could lead to costly damage if not addressed promptly. Clogs can cause water leaks and major messes that weaken the structure of your home while posing health threats as well.


A clog in any plumbing line has potential for disaster; especially among homeowners who are unfamiliar with its consequences or how to handle them when they arise. Clogs will often include backup from sewage or septic systems which may leak into floors and walls leading to expensive repairs like new flooring on top of old sodden carpet padding underneath, more cleaning than necessary due to ruined furniture pieces being soaked up by wet carpets, etc.

Condensation leaking from a clogged condensate drain line can cause damage to flooring, drywall, and more.

The typical water heater holds between 40 and 80 gallons of water. Imagine all that leaking on your floor! Whether it’s a slow leak over time or a massive flood, this is often where we see major sources of home damage.

Every Louisianian knows about our very active hurricane season. Louisiana’s hurricane season means water damage is always a risk due to leaking roofs, storm surge, flood, etc. After any storm, take immediate action by contacting a qualified company like MAKO Restoration for help with mitigating the damages as soon as possible.

What to do after a flood?

All homeowners must be proactive before a flood by obtaining insurance and then keeping all important documents in a safe waterproof container. Flooding is one of the most common natural disasters which causes massive damage. After experiencing a flood, you may not know where or how to start on your journey back into normality again – but don’t worry! Below are some steps that can help get you moving in the right direction:
  • Find out if local services will meet your needs (i.e police station
  • Remove standing water from affected areas as quickly as possible 
  • Store dry goods and valuables away from damp walls for safety precaution.

Protect Yourself: Danger is still present after a flood. Make sure to keep up with your local news and emergency reports before leaving your home. Do not travel anywhere in a vehicle until you make sure that it’s safe on the road!

What is water damage restoration?

The five-step process of restoring water to your home starts with an inspection and ends when it is completely restored. Every step serves a purpose, ensuring that all water and contaminants are properly removed from the property so you can live and breathe easy again!

Inspect and Assess Damage

In order to assess the damage, MAKO Restoration will perform a thorough inspection of the water damage. During this time, we will use moisture detectors and hygrometers to determine how much work is required based on measurements from our findings. We will rate the damage from class 1 to class 4 based on our findings. Water damage inspectors will work to identify the water source and what category it falls under, as well as adding a time estimate for when your home should be livable again.

Water Removal

Standing water should be removed as quickly as possible from your home to avoid further damage. Water extraction is especially important when dealing with a flooded basement because standing water in the basement leads to severe mold growth. This growth can cause health problems like allergies and asthma.

Water restoration companies use high-powered pumps and vacuums to suck up all of the water in your home. Water extractors are designed for fast, efficient removal of standing or surface water in your home.

Several different types of extractors may be used to remove water, including: submersible pumps, truck-mounted vacuums and portable wet/dry vacuums. After the standing water is extracted, additional inspections will take place . Determining the remaining moisture levels will identify whether or not carpeting or hardwood floors need to be removed.

Dry Out and Dehumidify

If you complete your own water extraction process, your home or office may look dry but still actually be damp. Left alone these materials will continue to suffer damage such as warping or breaking down while mold could start growing on them too. The best way to protect your investment is by contacting a water restoration company that has experience in drying out all of those affected areas completely to assure they no longer pose any risk for future harm! This is why at this stage, MAKO Restoration sets to work on dehumidifying and drying out any materials that still contain moisture or are inaccessible. We use Industrial-grade air movers and powerful dehumidifiers. Moisture levels are monitored to determine when it is dry enough for our next step--professional cleaning.

Clean and Sanitize

Thorough, professional cleaning is a required step in all home restoration projects. At the same time, our professionals work to preserve as much of your personal property as possible. Our experts are thoroughly trained in the safety and sanitation requirements to remediate water damaged homes.

Restoration professionals use specialized personal protective equipment (PPE) for the cleaning phase, which usually includes N-96 respirators and protective gloves. This step also has specialists disposing of any damaged materials that were removed during the process. Cleaners will wear N-96 respirators, protective gloves and waterproof clothing to protect themselves from potentially hazardous substances. They may use spray and wipe cleaning techniques or other methods in order to remove all contaminants as thoroughly as possible. This includes wet cleaning if needed, followed by restoration specialists disposing of any damaged materials removed during the process.

Restoration professionals may also use foam, abrasive or immersion cleaning techniques to ensure every item is cleaned as thoroughly as possible. This step may also involve mold remediation and the disposal of any damaged materials that were removed during the cleaning phase at this stage.


The final step of the restoration process is restoring your home to its original state. During this stage, specialists will replace any permanently damaged materials. Depending on how much damage there's been, these projects can be relatively simple or extensive - requiring reconstruction in some cases to a more simple cleaning for others.

Why choose MAKO Restoration for your Water Damage problems in Baton Rouge?

Water damage is a serious problem that can ruin your home or business if not dealt with immediately. You need to hire a professional restoration company who will be able to deal with the situation quickly and efficiently.

At MAKO Restoration we pride ourselves on providing

  • First Class Customer Service
  • Hassle-Free Insurance Claims Process
  • Fast Emergency Water Cleanup

At a time when seconds count, it is important to find the best water restoration company in your area.

When you are faced with any type of disaster from flood damage to leaking pipes, don’t waste precious minutes. Contact MAKO Restoration for a reliable and experienced team that can help get things back on track before they become worse.

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